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Selling your business is a major decision. You have devoted your time, money, and energy into developing and operating your business. It may represent your life’s work and be an important component of your financial portfolio or retirement. If you have already decided that now is the right time to sell, you want the very best professional guidance you can get. Working in tandem with Galecki & Associates can make the difference between just getting rid of the business and selling it for the very best price and terms.

What’s Your Business Worth?

There are a lot of ways to value a business, but ultimately a business is worth what someone will pay for it. Galecki and Associates offers a confidential no-cost, no-obligation Range of Market Value for your business. They will also show you how to increase the value of your company so you can maximize the amount of money you get in a transaction.

Why Do You Need a Broker?

Galecki & Associates Business Brokers will manage the entire process to accomplish a successful closing for all parties involved. This is done in a professional way to ensure confidentiality and allows the business owner to focus on running their business, and to reduce the risk of business erosion during the sale process. Galecki & Associates will assist in preparing a business for sale, packaging the business, marketing and identifying buyers, preparing for due diligence, preparing contracts, managing the escrow, bank finance, the transfer of the lease and many other items needed for a successful closing.